~Time flies~

Time flies(janpeace)

Child:Mom, what is time?
Mom: It is late my child.
Child: I mean what is time?
Mom: You mean the time in the watch?
Child: No Mom, I need to know what is ‘time’ ?
Mom: Oh that’s weird.
Child: I’m so annoyed seeing everyone relate themselves with time
Mom, even our teacher tells us not to waste time. She says
that time decides everything. How is that possible Mom?
Mom: Your teacher just wants you to value time.
Child: I value you but how will I value something which I can’t feel?
Mom: Son, you can hear me, feel me, you can see me,so this
moment between us today, is it important for you?
Child: Ofcourse, Yes Mom.
Mom: Then that’s it, you are valuing this moment, that means you are
valuing the time.
Child: hhhmmm….. I love you a lot Mom.
Mom: I love you too my dear.
But my sweet child you got your school tomorrow. So, you
should sleep by now.
Child:Mom don’t leave me now.
Mom: huh!
Child:I’m scared Mom.
Mom: Why my love?
Child: Will time take you away from me?
There was a brief silence.
Child: Is it true? Mom?
Mom: No,my son…. time can’t do anything between our love.
Child: Yaaay … I knew it , thank you Mom.
Now I can happily go to sleep.
Mom: Hahaha… alright goodnight my little love….
and yes don’t forget about tomorrow’s boat ride.
Child: Yaaay…. boat ride. I remember it.
Mom:But its only after you finish your school.
Child: Okay Mom… I roger that… and goodnight with all my kisses
Mom: Goodnight
***********After 30 years *********
Child: What is the time Dad?
Dad: It is this moment.
Child: ?? Time Dad?
Dad: Oh its 3:30 pm.
Child:Then what are you thinking?
Dad:Just about the flow of time.
Child: Exactly dad, so lets hurry up, we got a boat ride to catch.
Dad: Hmmm… Roger that son.
Child: This moment is so fun, Dad I just wished if granny
was here.
Dad: I wished that too.
Child: anyway row the boat even harder. Yaayy !!!
Dad: hhhmm.….Roger that son.

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