Dream Whisper


A young girl woke up one morning with a wonderful smile but she was curious to what brought that smile. She tried her best to figure the reason behind the cheerful smile that kept popping up onto her face after every goodnight’s sleep. She felt really good about it but her curiosity grew everyday to find the reason behind that soothing feel that kept her morning alive.

So out of her growing interest, one Morning she kept a mirror right beside her bed, so that she could check her face immediately after she woke up. It was morning and her eyes opened. She stretched her arms to grab the mirror but in her drowsiness it slipped and the mirror shattered. She couldn’t see herself in the mirror, she felt it as a broken attempt .All these weren’t an experience she thought of anticipating in but her urge to find the mystery was growing even deeper by then. So that night she decided that the clue to this was hidden inside her dream. She took a vow and decided to remember her dream the moment she would wake up. She took up an alarm clock, a notepad and recorder beside her bed and planned to remember her dream no matter what. She lied on her bed, calmly closed her eyes and then her mission started. Up ahead was a long night that was surrounded with long trail of thoughts to be remembered.

Slowly time was passing by, it was 3 in the morning and she woke up. The alarm clock started ringing way before time. She stomped and stopped it. But just then someone knocked at her door.
Emy!! Emy!! her name was called. It was her Mom.
She came in hearing the alarm. “Emy!! you fine?”, her mom asked.

She smiled and replied, “yes Mom, I’m great, just was curious”.

“Curious about?” she asked.

“Nothing much… guess I was just feeling lonely.” she said.

“Don’t be sweetie. I’m there. Now go to sleep” her mom said.
She put her hand on her forehead, kissed on her cheeks, flipped around the scrambled blanket on her and left the room.

But just then the alarm clock rang again . It was morning and all that were just a dream and she remembered it. This time she woke up with a satisfied smile feeling her questions were securely answered and calmed.

Perhaps it is true. Parents are there forever. Emy lives alone in her apartment and she had been an orphan since she was 10 years old. So, the smile ? It’s probably that feeling you get after meeting a loved one. And now she knows it too.
A family is always a family. 🙂


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