~ Shadows ~

 Lifeless shadows were wondering around the town. They had got tired of being nothing but just a shadow. So, they decided to bring a new dimension to their existence. One was named P & the other was T.
Together P.T ventured out of the city to have their own identity.

9:00 pm

P: Let’s Go to the Brightest part of the city. We will be unique and we will have the biggest cast.

T: But what if the lights are too bright ? We will have a transparent death!

P: Ohhh …. don’t you worry about that. I got plans in mind.

P.T went inside a happening lounge & decided they will cast themselves on the biggest wall possible.

People were having their usual part of entertainment but right then something grabbed everyone’s attention.

P.T grew with hope as all heads turned around. P.T got excited & realized perhaps time was changing. And just as P.T were about to voice their presence, someone from the crowd yelled,
“Holy Lord! Its Jason!!”
and the entire troop of people dashed towards the hallway. The Town’s Most Popular Singer had arrived.

And as usual P.T became invisible to everyone & no one bothered about them.

11:00 pm :

P: Are you tired T?

T: No P but why ..

P: I got another plan .

T: Go on…

With each other’s back, this time they headed towards the most Darkest alley of the town.

A young sweet Girl was heading towards them.
Both of them decided to take cover. The girl was nearing them being unknown of what was in store for her.
P.T were getting ready and decided that that was it. They had realized that the best way for them to gain people’s attention was by
scaring them.

With each  step of the girl, P.T’s anxiety were topping up.

P geared his wits, closed his eyes and took a deep breathe.

After 5 mins.

There was a long awkward silence…. P quickly opened one eye and saw T was doing the same too. Both of them glanced out and the girl was nowhere to be seen.
In the long dark alley there was no sign of her going either of the ways.

With a silent agreement, both of them looked at each other’s panicked shadows & without a thought sprinted away from there.

12:00 pm:

With dismay, both of them were lying hopelessly on the sea.

T: You think she was a ghost ?

P: Obviously not.

T: then why did you run away?

P: aaaahhh… I changed my plan..

T: annnddd that is ??

P: See T, leave that. Listen I guess we are doing it all wrong. Why do you need attention from anyone?

T: I don’t know perhaps because we are lonely.

P: hhmm… I’m not lonely..

T: huh ??

P: I have you T.

T: yeah that’s me.

P: Exactly ! So, we don’t need anyone.

T: Damn, that’s perfect…. So, I guess I can sleep now. I’m glad,
I don’t have a reason to sulk anymore. Thanks P.

P: You’re always welcome T.

T: By the way P, I was just thinking… you interested for any weekend movie? I promise I will buy the tickets.

P: haha… SURE. but you don’t need to, Bro… We will watch this for free …

T: huh?? how??

P: I got a plan, so don’t fray.

T: aaaa… I get you, the Shadow way…

P: hahaha ….Goodnight bro…

– JanPeace

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