~Time flies~

Time flies(janpeace)

Child:Mom, what is time?
Mom: It is late my child.
Child: I mean what is time?
Mom: You mean the time in the watch?
Child: No Mom, I need to know what is ‘time’ ?
Mom: Oh that’s weird.
Child: I’m so annoyed seeing everyone relate themselves with time
Mom, even our teacher tells us not to waste time. She says
that time decides everything. How is that possible Mom?
Mom: Your teacher just wants you to value time.
Child: I value you but how will I value something which I can’t feel?
Mom: Son, you can hear me, feel me, you can see me,so this
moment between us today, is it important for you?
Child: Ofcourse, Yes Mom.
Mom: Then that’s it, you are valuing this moment, that means you are
valuing the time.
Child: hhhmmm….. I love you a lot Mom.
Mom: I love you too my dear.
But my sweet child you got your school tomorrow. So, you
should sleep by now.
Child:Mom don’t leave me now.
Mom: huh!
Child:I’m scared Mom.
Mom: Why my love?
Child: Will time take you away from me?
There was a brief silence.
Child: Is it true? Mom?
Mom: No,my son…. time can’t do anything between our love.
Child: Yaaay … I knew it , thank you Mom.
Now I can happily go to sleep.
Mom: Hahaha… alright goodnight my little love….
and yes don’t forget about tomorrow’s boat ride.
Child: Yaaay…. boat ride. I remember it.
Mom:But its only after you finish your school.
Child: Okay Mom… I roger that… and goodnight with all my kisses
Mom: Goodnight
***********After 30 years *********
Child: What is the time Dad?
Dad: It is this moment.
Child: ?? Time Dad?
Dad: Oh its 3:30 pm.
Child:Then what are you thinking?
Dad:Just about the flow of time.
Child: Exactly dad, so lets hurry up, we got a boat ride to catch.
Dad: Hmmm… Roger that son.
Child: This moment is so fun, Dad I just wished if granny
was here.
Dad: I wished that too.
Child: anyway row the boat even harder. Yaayy !!!
Dad: hhhmm.….Roger that son.

~ I will fly high ~


Today we talk about a little sparrow. Her name is Nany.
A sparrow being such a usual and common bird, Nany felt that their existence have lost the importance it deserves . Nany tried creating a group meet to discuss about this happening but her group members weren’t as thoughtful as she was. So, she decided to go away and to do something unique, something that could bring the importance of the sparrows back.
But before she started her venture, she was smart enough to call out the media.

“Nany? Is the name right?”, asked one of the interviewers.
“Yes”, she said calmly.
“So, what is that that will uplift the sparrow’s value?” , asked another interviewer.
“Everyone takes us for granted, we are no ordinary birds and that is what I’ll prove.”, Nany boldly replied.
“And that is ?”.. asked another voice.
“I will fly as high as no other living creature had ever flown.” said Nany
But that’s not possible, you are just a sparrow, we hope you aren’t high, that is basically suicide.
“It will be a pride to remember”, and saying that Nany ended that discussion.

Nany decided to take her pinnacle lift-off the very next day.
There was hardly anyone feeling positive about the event. All the other sparrows from different regions gathered to witness Nany. They felt Nany was over stretching her emotions but she was determined to do that.

She squeaked out to everyone that every living creature on earth had established one or the other thing to validate and remember its own kind.So, now it was time for the sparrows to be remembered in the words of the history.
And saying that she lifted off from the tallest tree there.

Everyone present there had their heads pointed up and eyes marked on Nany as she was flying up up and up until her sight faded out in the cloudy sky.
The choppers took off along with the vultures and the goose to keep track of Nany.

Nany was cruising along towards the sky but then a sudden group of dark cloud covered the sight of the choppers. They lost track of Nany.

“Nany’s position is lost”, replied the chopper to the base officials.
Hearing that the sparrows remarked with grief, “Nany shouldn’t have done that.”

Everyone present around was staring aimlessly at the sky, just when one of the vultures marked Nany’s sight.
“She is flying strong and high. She is going on.” , reported one of the vultures.

A sudden unexpected wave of joy spilled out at the ground. The sparrows were amazed to see everyone else cheer for Nany.

Meanwhile, Nany’s flight was taking deeper turns. But by then she had already flown higher than most birds. The choppers could no longer follow her and the vultures and the goose were getting tired too. Nany took no break and was determined to carry on.

Hours passed on but Nany’s venture seemed endless.Now Nany was literally flying blind, she closed her eye and kept flying. She knew that she couldn’t return from the point where she reached. She was getting exhausted but she knew that her aim wasn’t achieved as she could hear the vultures flying around. She had to fly the highest and with that thought she decided to take one last breathe and give her everything. She took one heavy flap and zoomed up releasing all her energy.

Back on the ground, Nany had already become an idol for many and everyone was praying for Nany.
With every passing moment ,prayers were becoming louder and heavier.
The base officials called out to the vultures if they could trace Nany.
But there were no signs of her.
“Nany flew too high Sir, We couldn’t reach her”, tweeted out one of the vultures.

“Guess She reached to a point of no return” , said the sparrows in a low tone.

It was hard to believe for everyone that this story would end this way.
A silence suffused all around. There were no sign of Nany anymore. She was gone.
All creatures stood stunned.

And slowly time was drifting away …

But just then deep within the dark sky, a loud echoing quack could be heard.
It was a goose heading from the sky but he wasn’t alone. He was carrying Nany along.

And just right then seeing Nany, a monstrous uproar from the creatures at the ground trembled the whole region.

“Call the Ambulance, she is unconscious. She was free falling from a height I never saw any other creature go, lucky I caught her. Hurry up now.” , shouted the goose.

And with that she was hurried to the nearby hospital. With all the wishes and joys, Nany did achieve something which no-one believed she could.  Nany was alive and lived a dream that no other sparrow could imagine. The roar of cheer was apparent all around as the ambulance zoomed on the way to the hospital.

Soon 4 days passed by and Nany came to her senses but
funnily her first words were,
“Could I do it?”

“Yes, our little sparrow, you did it.”, said the Town’s Mayor.
“Oh well great…. I can sleep for some more time then”, saying that Nany went to sleep happily smiling off.